Frequently Asked Questions


Who can shop and become a member of the InKind Exchange?
The InKind Exchange only accepts registered charities with Revenue Canada and qualifying not-for-profit organizations as members. We do not service the general public. Please click this link for a membership application and guidelines.  

Where is the InKind Exchange located? 
Please click here for contact and address details. 

How much is membership to IKE?
Membership to IKE is free! 

Does InKind Exchange have more locations?
No. The InKind Exchange is very unique and is the only one of its kind in Canada. 

How do I inquire about volunteering at the InKind Exchange?
Please email for more information on volunteering.

How many charities do you serve, and how have you helped them?
We currently serve over 300 Charities and continue to welcome new charities to join.  The InKind Exchanges distributes over $2,000,000.00 of product back into the community annually.


Donations - Furniture

Do you accept residential furniture, house wares, or clothing?
No.  We do not accept any of the above. The InKind Exchange only re-distributes office furniture.  For a list of charities that do accept these items please contact 211.  

What type of office furniture do you accept?
Select office furniture items.  We do not accept appliances. All items must be suitable for an office environment. All of our donations need to be approved and are subject to the current needs of our members, as determined by our Warehouse Specialist.

Do you provide tax receipts for donations?
Yes.  If your donation has a value and is usable to us we will provide you with a tax receipt.  Any one item that is worth over $1000.00 will need to be appraised to receive a tax receipt for its full value. 

Do you provide pick ups of donations?
No. Our truck is usually unavailable for donation pick ups during programs. If your business needs a pick up contact us for availability and approval. 

Do accept large quantity furniture donations?
Yes. We have a larger facility than most charities. For Large donations please contact our Warehouse Specialist as our needs and capacity are always changing.  

When is the best time to let IKE know that I want to donate furniture?
As soon as possible!  Donating is a multi- step process, so the more time we have to work with, the better the chance that we will be able to accommodate your particular donation.

Donations - Technology

What type of technology do you accept?
We accept flat screen monitors, Laptops and desktop computers Windows 7 or newer.  Various electronics (projectors) computer peripherals, and accessories. We do not accept printers or Photocopiers at this time.  All of our donations need to be approved and are subject to the discretion of our technology specialist prior to donating. 

If I donate a computer what happens to my personal information?
InKind Exchange offers a secure data removal service.  All donated computers are fully formatted to ensure the removal of all information, including identifying information. 

Donations - Other

What other donations do you accept?
We accept new and unopened toys, personal hygiene items, personal care items, and art supplies.  Please contact Earl Pasechnik for more details at